I am an experienced Digital product leader, delivery and strategy  executive.  I excel in empowering teams to create, deliver and optimise digital products/experiences and  enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting hands on when needed!

Some of the areas that I excel at and have delivered meaningful outcomes include:

Digital product delivery and digitisation:

  • Defining and executing on digital strategy including creating multi-year digital product roadmaps across organisations such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia,  Qantas and AMP
  • Led the strategy and delivery of industry first mobile and tablet app combining banking and superannuation experiences in a single native mobile application
  • Apply agile and lean start-up practices as a way of defining and prioritisation the highest value initiatives for delivery

Engaging more customers digitally:

  • Championed and lead the creation of a customer centred design team at AMP that transformed the culture and approach to solving difficult customer problems
  • Led a range of innovation programs aimed at improving customer’s financial wellbeing including: digitising financial guidance and advice, digital disruption across insurance and superannuation and creating a wealth management hub
  • Mentoring of start-ups using a range of business model, lean product and customer centred design tools to help identify problem/solution fit and product/market fit to scale outcomes. These include jobs to be done methodology (outcome driven innovation), experience journey mapping, value proposition design and prototype development and testing

Optimise digital opportunities:

  • Owned and delivered on P/L targets including responsible for planning, executing and monitoring ecommerce activity and outcomes covering origination funnel management, data driven lead generation and use of chat bots to increase conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Achieved significant year on year growth through using experimentation (A/B testing) and ongoing optimisation of e-commerce platforms across Qantas and wealth products within Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Using a build-measure-learn mindset and approach to ensure that decisions are data driven and measurable to effectively monitor and optimise outcomes

Empowering people:

  • Led and restructured multiple functions to create high performing teams.
  • Take great pride in creating an open atmosphere of performance, excellence, accountability and collaboration through use of agile working practices
  • Strong belief in leading teams through the practice of ‘aligned autonomy’, specifically, defining and communicating the strategy (the why) and empowering teams to deliver to agreed outcomes

Stakeholder management:

  • I have worked with a wide range of stakeholders covering senior executives, boards, user experience professionals, technical delivery teams (architects and engineers) to craft the product vision, MVP and digital product roadmap across web, mobile and chat
  • With excellent communication skills, I have a strong record of creating close working relationships across different teams within an organisation.
  • I understand the importance of working to a shared vision to build successful digital experiences and products and bring them to market

BIG and small

My experience is based on working in large corporate environments through to start-ups.  Regardless of the size of organisation, I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting involved where it matters most.

I am a leader and doer.  In the spirit of getting things done, I like to operate in a flat structure and encourage all team members to chip in when and where required to deliver on outcomes.

Formal credentials include a BA, Masters of Commerce, certified product owner, completing the executive design program at the Illinois institute of technology and an ongoing thirst for learning across the areas of data, delivery and customer experience design.

Some of the roles/areas that my experience lend themselves to add value include:

  • Digital Director/Head of Digital
  • Head of Digital Product/Experience
  • Digital Program Lead

Have a look around and feel free to get in touch.

You can find further detail about my experience and employment at Linkedin – View Michael Sribney's profile on LinkedIn

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