When is there no need to tweet or post on Social Media?

One question that was raised in a recent discussion was whether Apple has a social media strategy? I did a little research to find they do…but their strategy is more of a strategy to delight customers with great products and service and let them do the talking. Interestingly, based on an article dated September 12 this year it mentions that for Apple, there are no social media links from its website. Its Facebook page has 9.6 million fans – but is never updated. It doesn’t have an official presence on the Twitter handle @Apple, although it does have an @appstore page.

The article goes on to say that “Apple has never really needed a social media presence”. The reason? Apple’s brand is so powerful that it can do the opposite of what everybody else is doing. The article goes on to say that Apple’s attitude to social media matches what it has with its products and its general PR – it’s all about control. There’s no need for Apple to tweet or post, because its fans are going to drive conversations on their own.

One could say the first step in any social (or communication strategy) should be a focus on making something worth talking about in the first place.

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